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5/4/2019 SAT


10:30am - 4pm

Asheboro, NC

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5/4/2019 SAT



Hello ALL  Carolina AMC Friends....This is Jerry Kinlaw...My wife, Judy and I are hosting the Carolina AMC Club  Meet & Greet in Asheboro, NC.  

Asheboro is home for the North Carolina State ZOO. (you might want to visit the zoo while in the area)   We have set the date for Saturday May 4th and we have a RAIN date for May11th.

 We will meet in a shopping center and will be able to show off our BEAUTIFUL  AMC"s to the public.  I am going to rope off an area in the parking lot for us to park all of the AMC products......if you don't bring an AMC, we will park you in another close by area. We will have room for us all to sit together (bring your chairs) in the roped off area with the AMC vehicles. 

The address for the show is 837 E. Dixie Dr. Asheboro, NC.  (Dixie Drive is Highway 64 that runs through Asheboro).  There is a  STOP  LIGHT  were you turn off 64 to enter the shopping center.  This shopping center has a  Autozone and a big furniture store in it. The furniture store is Badcock Home Furniture. Badcock Furniture has agreed to let us use their restroom(s) but insisted that we not park the non AMCs close to their front entrance.  

I plan on having the non AMC's park more on the Autozone side of the parking lot, BUT  away from their front door. Don"t worry, there is plenty of parking !  I am very excited to have this get-together and hope that we will get a lot of visitors stop by to see our cars....all the 64 traffic will be able to see our cars as they ride by and hopefully pull in to check us out....I will have my 3 AMC's there !....Please try to bring an AMC it at all possible !  PLEASE  LET ME  KNOW  IF  YOU  PLAN  ON  ATTENDING  AND  IF  YOU  WILL BE DRIVING  AN  AMC  PRODUCT

Click this link to let us know you are coming....CLICK HERE

I have made arrangements to have KFC bring our lunch to us. 

We will have a paper for you to fill out  for your lunch.  Judy and I will bring a big cooler of ice for all to use.


Jerry and Judy Kinlaw      701 Holly Dr,    Asheboro, NC  27205 

I usually don't answer calls on my cell phone unless I recognize the it will go to voicemail.....if you call me,please identify yourself with something like " I'm an AMC fan or something similar.....because I will hang up on a sales person in a heartbeat......our home phone has been not working lately ( changed internet server), but that # will be working soon...336-833-3715.

 I use the 10 day weather forecast very often, so I should be able to firm up the date a week in advance.  We are shooting for  May 4th.!

10:30am - 4pm

Asheboro, NC

Carolina AMC Show and shine - asheboro nc

CAMC May 4th Meet & Greet / Show N Shine SignUp

Saturday, May 4th (rain date is Saturday, May 11th)

Join us in beautful Asheboro for a fun afternoon of AMCs! All current, past, and prospective members are welcome to join us!

Carolina AMC Meet & Greet hosted by The Kinlaws

837 East Dixie Drive, Asheboro, North Carolina 27203, United States

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